Newly updated apps about Efficiency and SAS Studio

Because of the heavy traffic in London the locals complain that “you wait ages for a bus, then 2 arrive at the same time!”. I hope you don’t complain in the same way when I write two blogs posts within days of each other, but I find that this often happens when I get a little spare time to work on my apps.

Unlike in my previous post, these two apps are not in any way related to each other, apart from being named 12 and 13 in my list. Both apps can be installed from Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Chrome Web Store, depending on your preferred platform.

“Efficiency: How Do You Do This in SAS?” looks at how to improve SAS efficiency, whether efficiency means speed of execution, ease of maintenance, or both. This paid-for app has had some of the answer text updated.

“Studio: How Do You Do This in SAS?” looks at the installation, configuration and uses of SAS Studio and SAS University Edition. This paid-for app now includes links about the licensing limits for using SAS University Edition, along with a summary of those restrictions.

The latest versions of all the apps can be found here.

The apps “Data Steps: How Do You Do This in SAS?” and “SQL: How Do You Do This in SAS?” have recently been updated.

I think I’ve now worked out the difference between blogs and forums!  I’m a little bit of a newbie to blogs, so please excuse my naivety. I’d been treating my blog posts as if they were forum discussions, with every comment being highlighted by the WordPress platform, but they are not really like that at all. Therefore, from now on, rather than posting comments to tell you about any app and product updates, you’ll be receiving a new blog post, and this is just such a post!

My apps are all related to each other, with the same basic underlying software, but just with different data in each one. In fact even that is not quite true, as some question topics in my apps are relevant to more than one app, so any topic updates generate new app versions for one or more apps. I use an Enterprise Guide project to organise my questions and answers, and then generate the appropriate data structures, but with the same data, for the Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Chrome Web Store versions of each app, so when each topic changes all of the affected apps are updated together.

This time I’ve updated my apps for Data Steps and SQL, and the new versions are now live in the 3 app stores. I’m also experimenting with Windows 10 Universal Apps too, but don’t hold your breath, as I’m not quite ready to release any apps in the Windows 10 Store just yet.

The latest versions of all the apps can be found here.