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I hope the theme change has not been too much of a shock!

The previous theme was called “Twenty Fifteen”, but we are now in May 2016, so I thought it was time to change to a new theme, called “Twenty Sixteen”.

What do you think of it? I must admit I found it very different at first sight, but now I’ve had a chance to look more closely at it, I think it works rather well.

SAS can correct your spelling!

The following SAS keywords are recognized even if you don’t spell them correctly:

DATA = dat, dta, daa, ddata, date*
RUN = ru, rn, rnu, urn, ruin, runt*
PROC = pro, prc, poc, porc, pric
QUIT = qut, qui, quti, qit, quite, quiet
SET = sett, sent*
FILE = fil, fill*
OUTPUT = outputsomething, outputnothing*
IF = fi*
THEN = the*
DO = doo*
PUT = putit, putting*
INPUT = imput
END = endit*

This behaviour can be controlled using OPTIONS AUTOCORRECT from SAS 9.3 onwards. To maintain this behaviour use OPTIONS AUTOCORRECT to show warnings in the log, but allow the program to continue, which is the default. OPTIONS NOAUTOCORRECT will show an error in the log at the first incorrect spelling, and stop the program.

Can you add to my list?

What happened in Vegas?

I know it should be “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but I really believe you need to hear this!

  • SAS Studio 3.5 is out, but, as it is part of SAS 9.4M3, you will have to request a new download of SAS 9.4M3 to get it, although it will be part of the latest version of SAS University Edition.
  • SAS Viya has been announced and it is a cloud version of SAS, but:
    • I have no idea what impact it will have on SAS users
    • How much it will cost
    • Whether it will benefit small users of SAS more than big users
    • What SAS procedures it will use, and whether new procedures will be needed
    • When I find out more, then I’ll let you know!
  • ODS Graphics continues to expand the number of graphs it can create.
  • The SAS Communities stand had amazingly good swag! They were giving away power banks, coffee mugs and unique shoulder bags made from SAS’ own roll shades and conference material to active members of the SAS Support Communities.

On a personal note I ran a prize draw for my latest book on the Data Presentation/ODS Graphics stand. 36(!) attendees left their business cards and the draw was won by Olivier Goethals from Belgium.

Olivier Goethals won a copy of my book in Las Vegas

My thanks go to everyone who tried to win a copy of my book! I’m sorry that I didn’t bring more copies with me from the UK, but I will be running prize draws again at conferences in the future.

I also met lots of old friends, and made lots of new friends, at the SAS event of the year!