Month: May 2016

SAS can correct your spelling!

The following SAS keywords are recognized even if you don’t spell them correctly: DATA = dat, dta, daa, ddata, date* RUN = ru, rn, rnu, urn, ruin, runt* PROC = pro, prc, poc, porc, pric QUIT = qut, qui, quti, qit, quite, quiet SET = sett, sent* FILE = fil, fill* OUTPUT = outputsomething, outputnothing* […]

What happened in Vegas?

I know it should be “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but I really believe you need to hear this! SAS Studio 3.5 is out, but, as it is part of SAS 9.4M3, you will have to request a new download of SAS 9.4M3 to get it, although it will be part of the […]