I’ve created a SAS course pricing survey

I’ve created a SAS course pricing survey (just 5 questions, which should take only 3-5 minutes to complete), because I’m interested in pricing my SAS course to attract the maximum number of users, but not make it so cheap that it does not cover the effort required to create it. Please assist me by completing this survey, which will close as soon as there have been 100 responses. I would hope that every blog site member will help me by responding to this poll.

Currently my SAS course is included in the SAS Programming Forum, which costs £5 (approximately $7) per month, where SAS-related questions can be answered. At the moment my SAS course includes groups of topics on:

  • Data Steps
  • Macros

Thanks in advance…………Phil

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  1. It has been 3 weeks since this survey was posted. It has been limited to 100 responses, but there have only been 14 responses so far. Please read the background information and provide me with some valuable data to help me price my SAS courses, and develop new courses that you will interest you.


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