Possibly my last SAS Global Forum, and I’ve probably attended my last PhUSE

I’m an Invited Speaker at SAS Global Forum in Denver in April, but I’m probably not presenting at SASGF19. I probably presented my last PhUSE paper at the PhUSE Single Day Event in Beerse, Belgium. So what is happening?

I’m getting older, as are we all, but I’m approaching retirement and looking for new experiences while I’m still able, so in 2019 I’m planning to be at PharmaSUG conferences for the first time, rather than at SASGF and PhUSE.

Could you persuade me to change my mind? Well I live in the UK and travelling costs money, so I might be persuaded to present at a conference if my travel and accommodation expenses were paid for me. However, the best way to get me to attend a conference is to allow me to run a training course there.


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