Fancy a 1-to-1 chat about a SAS-related topic?

Now that I have Mondays free from client-related contracts, I am able to do whatever I want, such as work in my garden, read books, write my own books and articles, develop apps and other software applications, or even give SAS training! So, to help you book 1-hour 1-to-1 training sessions with me to talk about the SAS topics of your choosing, I have created a SAS training session booking calendar.

Training sessions will be provided using Google Calendar and Hangouts, and cost GBP100.00 for each hour. The booking form allows you to copy in your chosen SAS-related topics from the list provided, and then we get together at the selected time for an hour of discussion around that topic, so you will be able to ask me any questions you need answering to learn more about SAS software. The topic selection allows me to prepare demonstrations and information specifically for the session, and other topics will be added to the list over time.

Note that I will only send out one Google Calendar invite, but, if you want to have some friends and colleagues around to join in, then that will be just fine.

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