What sort of a SAS user are you?

In order to target my Blog and Forum entries appropriately for the members here, like all data analysts, I need to collect together some data to analyse. This is why I’ve created the poll below, so I hope you will help me by voting. Note that you will only be able to vote for one option, so please select carefully before voting. There is a [Vote] button above the [View Results] link that may be difficult to see, until your cursor moves over it, in some browsers.

What sort of a SAS user are you?

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4 comments on What sort of a SAS user are you?

  1. I noticed when voting that the Vote box or window does not show the word Vote unless the cursor actually passes right over it. If fact I went straight to showing results assuming that would include my vote but only later realised it didn’t. Using Chrome.

  2. hanshockey,

    There is a vote recorded for you. I noticed the same appearance to the voting button you described in Chrome, but have been unable to test it in other browsers.

    Maybe another member could try it out in Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer or Edge and report their findings here?

    These things can be annoying, but, as this is still a site in development, please don’t get too upset. I’ll admit that I’m still learning about the WordPress environment along with you all.


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