Please update ALL of my apps from Google Play!


I hadn’t noticed, but I had to update the Google Licensing part of my apps to comply with new rules for Android 5 (Lollipop), which is why ALL of my apps installed from Google Play are no longer working on Android 5+!

Please don’t panic, as I’ve uploaded new versions of the following apps to Google Play that should work now:

  • Data Steps: Do This in SAS?
  • SQL: Do This in SAS?
  • Graphs: Do This in SAS?
  • Platforms: Do This in SAS?
  • EG: Do This in SAS?
  • Macros: Do This in SAS?
  • Efficiency: Do This in SAS?
  • Studio: Do This in SAS?

I’m glad I installed CyanogenMod 12 on my old HP TouchPad recently, so I can now be certain the Android 5 users can use my apps!

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Philip Holland

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