Are you learning about SAS?


Anyone learning about SAS can take advantage of the SAS University Edition. This can be downloaded to your Windows or Linux platform as a free virtual machine compatible with VirtualBox or VMware Player (both free too!), or accessed online through an Amazon AWS environment (also free!). Full details about what you need to do can be found at Just follow the Get free software link on this web page.

Note that this version of SAS must only be used for learning about SAS, and is not intended for commercial use. The full list of permitted uses for the SAS University Edition can be found here.

You can use SAS University Edition with all of the topics in the SAS course on this site, except SAS Enterprise Guide.

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Philip Holland

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3 thoughts on “Are you learning about SAS?”

  1. Note that the SAS course assumes that you have access to a SAS installation, and the SAS University Edition is ideal for most topics, except those about Enterprise Guide.

  2. The SAS interface in the SAS University Edition is SAS Studio, not interactive SAS, so expect to learn a new way to program. However, this is not necessarily so different to how businesses are using SAS now, as many companies are moving to SAS Studio to reduce their maintenance overhead.

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