You may not be able to access my blog!

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Hi everyone,

I’ve updated my blog site to fix a bug in the forum software, and you may not now be able to access the site in the way you’ve done so in the past. Using will still work, but any web addresses including “:8000” will now fail.

You have 2 choices:

Why has the change been made?

When the site was accessed using port 8000, the forum software bbPress would not accept replies to forum topics. It should have done so, but it just didn’t work. Using port 80 (the default for web sites) bbPress will now successfully accept replies to forum topics, so please feel free to ask questions, and offer suggestions in forum replies.

I’m now looking forward to your topic replies.


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Philip Holland

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One thought on “You may not be able to access my blog!”

  1. Today I discovered that, while I’d updated all of my site pages and forum topics to remove “:8000” from the links, I’d forgotten to do the same in my blog posts! Hopefully, you’ll now be able to link successfully from ALL of my blog posts too, so “three cheers” for WordPress that allows editing of posted items (unlike some other social media platforms!).

    If you still find any links that include “:8000”, then please use the Contact Us page to let me know, and I’ll fix them as quickly as I can.


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