Apologies for my blog server crash – normal service has now been restored

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I suspect many of you will have a “bucket list”, a list of places you would really like to visit and activities you would like to do. I have bucket list myself, which included visiting the Alhambra in Granada in Southern Spain.  Last week my wife and I joined a tour of Andalusia, which included a visit to the Alhambra on the first day, where we enjoyed the splendour of the Moorish palace.

Little did I know at the time, but just after we had left for our tour my blog server switched itself off. I have still not determined the exact reason for the crash, but I think it could have been a local power cut that caused the shutdown. Anyway, I was 900 miles away with no remote access to the server, so I had to relax and enjoy the rest of the tour. On returning to the UK it was simply a matter of restarting the server, and normal service was restored in a few minutes.

I will conclude with some simple questions for you. I could have bought and installed an uninterruptible power supply to the server, which would have, hopefully, prevented the crash. However, I would not have been able to tell you about my bucket list!

My questions for you are:

  • What is the value of a blog, more or less than the cost of purchasing and running an uninterruptible power supply, or flying back to fix it?
  • Would a week where the blog is unavailable affect its value?
  • Should I have told you all about the crash immediately, or when it was fixed?

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One thought on “Apologies for my blog server crash – normal service has now been restored”

  1. I think we should all pull the plug from time to time anyway and accept that others can too. Unless an always-on service is critical then I wouldn’t worry. 😉

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