SUGUKI SAS user group in the UK & Ireland – April updates

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With so many SUGUKI events in the calendar, it’s worth putting them all in one place!

SUGUKI is an independent SAS User Group, staffed by volunteers – and we are in continuous need of speakers, venues, sponsorship, and general support. Our web site can be found at We’d love to hear from you. We also now have a community on SAS Communities!!

Our events are always 6-8pm on a Thursday, with two SAS presentations and drinks. Sign up below!

05APR2018 – London SUGUKI meetup –Ā – I’ll be presenting “Something for Nothing! Converting Plots from SAS/GRAPH to ODS Graphics” and offering a copy of my latest book in a free prize draw for attendees!
19APR2018 – Edinburgh SUGUKI meetup –
03MAY2018 – London SUGUKI meetup –
24MAY2018 – Manchester SUGUKI meetup –

For those available during the day (9-3pm) the following Analytical Lifecyle User Groups are also available from SAS Institute (

All these events are free, but you must register for security and capacity reasons.

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