Advance notice: VIEWS News 56 will be published on June 21

After over 7 years when VIEWS News has not been published at all, the new VIEWS News 56 will be published on June 21, as I will be presenting at PharmaSUG in Philadelphia before then.

Articles in this issue are by Sanjay Matange (ODS Graphics), LeRoy Bessler (SAS/GRAPH), and Murphy Choy and Michelle L Cheong (JMP and SAS/IML). I’ve also added more interesting/useful formats, options and functions, and future SAS-related events.

If you would like to contribute an article on any SAS topic to the next issue in August 2019 then please send an email with a description/attachment of your contribution to or

Note that access to all issues of VIEWS News from issue 1 to the current issue requires a blog registration (, AND then requesting access to the VIEWS UK forum by email or via link (

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