How would you like to be a VIEWS Consultant (unpaid) by writing a SAS-related article for VIEWS News?

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Having an article about SAS published in VIEWS News is the only qualification required to become a VIEWS Consultant, which is globally recognized, but is unpaid, like the Newsletter Editor!

VIEWS News is now being published quarterly in February, May, August and November, and I am constantly looking for new SAS-related content and new contributors. Contributions should be short punchy articles about SAS-related topics, reviews of SAS-related conferences you have attended, or even advertising articles for future conferences. The choice is completely up to you, and my task, as Newsletter Editor, is to put together an issue with a range of articles that will be of interest to our global membership. Therefore, if you have an idea for something you’d like to contribute to the next, or future, issue of VIEWS News, then please contact me at I just need any articles for each issue before the 1st day of the publication month, so I can include it in the newsletter, and give you the opportunity to check that I’ve not changed anything important before the final published version is posted on the site.

If you are thinking about contributing to VIEWS News, then I would recommend you register on this blog site and request access to VIEWS News, as you will need to log in to the blog site to get to the VIEWS UK forum, where VIEWS News lives, so you will have access to the past issues. As I write this post the blog members that have requested access to VIEWS News (total 116) are located in:

  • UK = 47
  • North America = 27
  • Indian Sub-continent = 23
  • Europe = 13
  • Rest of the World = 6

Many of the blog members that have requested access to VIEWS News are already VIEWS Consultants, and more contributions are welcomed from them. However, I also encourage you to become a new VIEWS Consultant.

Remember the deadline for articles in the August issue (VIEWS 57) is the 1st August!!

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