Advance notice: VIEWS News 57 will be published on September 16

VIEWS News 57 will be published on September 16. This will be the 2nd issue in 2019, and the SAS world is changing, but still retaining it roots in Base SAS programming at the same time.

Articles in this issue are by LeRoy Bessler (ODS Graphics), Allan Bowe (web apps), and myself (SAS macros and my PharmaSUG US report). I’ve also added more interesting/useful formats, options and functions, and future SAS-related events.

If you would like to contribute an article on any SAS topic, or a SAS-related event date from December 2019 onward, to the next issue in November 2019 then please send an email with a description/attachment of your contribution to or

Note that access to all issues of VIEWS News from issue 1 to the current issue requires a blog registration (, AND then requesting access to the VIEWS UK forum by email or via this link (

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