SAS-related Jobs from Recruiters in UK and US in February 2020

Looking for a SAS-related job?

There are a number of SAS-related jobs in the SAS Jobs Listing this month in the UK and US, and the links are open to all site visitors:

  • UK: Pharmaceutical permanent positions from SQN Recruitment.
  • US: Pharmaceutical contract-to-hire and IT contract positions from Pinnacle Solutions.
  • US: Pharmaceutical permanent positions from Covance.

Please use the links in the job listings to apply for these positions.


I’m always looking for new recruiters to post SAS-related jobs on this site covering India, UK, the Americas, Europe and the Rest of the World. In particular, I would like to include jobs in Europe and India, where nearly half of the registered blog members are located, but currently there are no active recruiters for them.

If you have a regular supply of jobs, then there is a free trial which is open to all recruiters, but with 2 simple rules:

  1. The free trial will be extended by an additional calendar month only when a job is posted, and will expire automatically if no job has been posted in a calendar month.
  2. The posted jobs must be SAS-related.

The current regional breakdown of registered blog members is as follows, but note that the SAS Jobs Listing is open to all site visitors:

  1. Indian sub-continent: 33.0% (209)
  2. The Americas: 24.0% (152)
  3. UK: 21.5% (136)
  4. Europe: 14.8% (94)
  5. Rest of the World: 6.6% (42)

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