I’m self-isolating and washing my hands!

I’m saying this to save others, not because I’m a diabetic asthmatic and I am at greater risk from coronavirus, but I have been self-isolating since March 17:

Watching the news over the weekend, and seeing parks, markets and beaches packed with selfish visitors disregarding government instructions to distance themselves from others, I have to speak out for those who are at enormous risk during this pandemic. Many of you are likely to get minimal or no symptoms, but selfishly spread the infection because you believe you have not got it. The consequences, even for you, are extreme:

  1. Not distancing from others will infect some more, and they will infect yet more.
  2. Some of the infected people will be health workers, so those in greatest need will not have enough workers to care for them.
  3. You may have minimal or no symptoms, but you could still have a need in the future for urgent healthcare, but there won’t be enough health workers to care for you either.
  4. So what do you think will happen?…..

The UK government is still insisting everyone should wash their hands, but do you know how to do it thoroughly enough? I found this YouTube video in a LinkedIn post, and it is the clearest demonstration I’ve seen so far.

Please watch it and follow the advice it gives! I also ask you to keep your distance from everyone!

Stay safe and keep everyone else safe too……….Phil

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