My internet service provider has changed and normal blog service has resumed!

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My company’s internet service provider has now been changed from Plusnet to XLN, and I did get the expected disruption, but not quite in the ways I expected:

  • On 03Dec2020 Plusnet switched off the static IP address at 0416 on 03Dec2020, so the blog server could not be reached until XLN supplied a new static IP address at 1520 the same day.
  • However, the router XLN sent was faulty, so the Plusnet router continued to be used until a replacement router arrived on 05Dec2020.
  • Unfortunately I was a little too eager to replace the router, and forgot to update the network gateway in the server for that new router. I did not realise why no-one could access the server from the internet until 06Dec2020, and corrected the network gateway address.

So, as promised, after several days of head scratching, discussions with network engineers, network testing and updates, the blog server is open for normal business again!

I’m now looking forward to writing some SAS-related blog posts.

Thank you for your patience…………Phil

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