Free advertising for active recruiters globally! SAS-related Jobs from Recruiters in Europe, UK, USA and India in July 2022


Looking for a SAS-related job?

There are a number of SAS-related jobs in the SAS Jobs Listing this month in the UK, USA and India, and the links are open to all site visitors:

CountryJobs AdvertisedFrom Company
UKConsultancy and administrator permanent positionsOdin Consultancy
GermanyPharmaceutical permanent positionsCerner Enviza
IndiaPharmaceutical permanent positionsClinChoice
USAPharmaceutical permanent positionsClinChoice

Please use the links in the SAS Jobs Listing to apply for these positions. All recruiters have contact details and links to their web sites on each job post.

Recruiters looking for candidates

I’m always looking for new recruiters to post SAS-related jobs on this site covering India, UK, the Americas, Europe and the Rest of the World.

If you have a regular supply of SAS jobs in any of these regions, then there is a free trial which is open to all recruiters, but with 2 simple rules:

  1. The free trial will be extended by an additional calendar month only when a job is posted, and will expire automatically if no job has been posted in a calendar month.
  2. The posted jobs must be in some way SAS-related.

Please register for Free membership, and then send your jobs to before 03Aug2022 to be included in this post next month! You will be manually upgraded to a Recruiter member if you’ve never taken part in this free trial before.

The current regional breakdown of registered blog members is as follows, but note that the SAS Jobs Listing is open to all site visitors:

PositionRegionPercentage of MembershipMembers
1Indian Sub-continent36.1%291
2The Americas22.9%184
5Rest of the World6.7%54

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