SAS Jobs Listing Introduction

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The SAS Jobs Listing is intended for posting SAS-related jobs. This feature is normally paid-for when posting jobs, but free to view.

Here are the basic rules for posting in this forum:

To help the recruiters describe the SAS jobs there are a number of job categories available, and more than one category can be selected at a time too:

There are also 2 job types to choose from:

These job categories and types are available for job seekers too, to help them search for relevant positions to apply for. There are also geographical search facilities, where the job listings can be narrowed done to those within a maximum distance from a specific location. Therefore beware: “Cambridge” is not a good choice for a location in the UK, so use “Cambridge, UK” instead, as the assumption will be “Cambridge, MA”!

If there is a feature that is not currently available for recruiters or job seekers, then please use the Contact Us link to tell us about what would be nice to include here.

Are you a recruiter? Would you like to advertise your SAS jobs on the site? Please contact me now at or via the Contact Us link, as I have some unending free trials available!!