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Premium SAS Support for Commercial Clients

Free membership gives you access to the SAS Skills Discussion Forum for non-programming questions about SAS. Programming and Recruiter memberships, which require monthly low-cost subscriptions, give you access to the same forum and to the SAS Programming Forum, where you can ask SAS programming questions. However, all questions and answers are visible to all members […]

[sas.answers @ Holland Numerics] – A dedicated confidential premium SAS help desk service

How will the [sas.answers @ Holland Numerics] service help you? You will receive expert advice and skills transfer on SASĀ® software. As a subscriber you can send your questions either: via the web interface using the button below: or directly via email to sas.answers@hollandnumerics.com. Answers to your questions about the software will be returned to […]

SAS Programming Forum Introduction

This forum is intended for SAS-related questions and answers, and, as this forum is paid-for, answers to interview questions will be offered too. Here are the basic rules for posting in this forum: All postings MUST be completely SAS-related, which means that they should, at least, mention SAS or a SAS component. I’ve been using […]