Who’s going to SAS Global Forum 2022? Apparently no-one!

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In a SAS Blog post Jenn Chase has announced that the flagship SAS Global Forum 2022 will be split into many AI and Analytics events, some virtual and some face-to-face:

  • Q1 – SAS Amplify:
    A virtual conference for SAS Partners.
  • Q2 – SAS Innovate:
    Face-to-face conferences for Business in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. So far only the conference in the Americas 2022 has been scheduled in San Diego, CA, where it was to hold SAS Global Forum 2022.
  • Q1/Q2 – SAS Hackathon:
    Virtual competition to convert curiosity into innovation.
  • Q3/Q4 – SAS Explore:
    A virtual conference for SAS Technologists.

I’ve also found a number of other links with information about these changes:

  1. A New Era of SAS Global AI and Analytics Events
  2. For those of you who are members of the SAS Professional Forum on LinkedIn, then you can read Andrew Howell post discussing his feelings about the changes from his own perspective as a non-US SASGF attendee and presenter: “A New Era of SAS Global AI and Analytics Events”. But SAS Global Forum is no more..