A thought for today: No-one will give you a job. You have to earn it!


I regularly visit LinkedIn and read the discussions, where they exist. What amazes me are the responses to job posts which just have “Interested”, a name, or an email address. Those who post this type of response are only boosting LinkedIn’s count of “engagements”, not their chances of landing that job.

No-one will give you a job. You have to earn it!

It is true that doing well in a job interview it usually critical. However, in order to do well in the interview, you have to be offered one. A good CV/resume will help, but, even before you send that to an employer, there are ways to improve your chances of being offered an interview:

  1. Are you already known to the employer? Do you know anyone that already works there?
  2. Are you actively participating in LinkedIn or other groups? By participating I don’t mean posting “Interested”, but asking insightful questions or offering helpful answers, which demonstrate your subject knowledge.
  3. Have you presented in conferences or webinars? Presenting papers can be difficult at first, but by researching your topics thoroughly in advance, and incorporating your research into your presentations, you will gain confidence and show that you can explain your subject knowledge clearly to others. You will also find the questions asked afterwards to be easier to answer, or could lead you to research a new topic for a future presentation.

Getting a job should never be easy. It requires you to put in that extra little bit of effort, so that you can stand out amongst the candidates, and the employers see the potential in you and also see the benefits you can bring to their company.

No-one will give you a job. You have to earn it!

Looking for a SAS job or wanting to promote your SAS recruitment agency?


I’ve recently opened up new opportunities for two groups of registered members:

  • Recruiters wanting to promote their agencies.
  • SAS programmers looking for their next SAS job.

All of the forums in [Holland Numerics: Blog and Forums] now allow messages to be sent by registered members directly and privately to anyone posting a topic in a forum. This means that, if you post a new topic in the SAS Skills Discussion Forum (which is accessible to all registered members) describing your recruitment agency, or your own SAS programming skills, other registered members will be able to send you messages. The facility also removes the necessity to reveal your phone number or email address to anyone you don’t need to, as the messages will be collected on the blog site, and you will be notified by email of new messages there, and any forum topic will display a list of your own messages at the bottom of the web page.

However, please think carefully about what you include in your topic, as your agency profile, or your SAS job prospects, could be positively or negatively affected by what you write!

Note that there may also be a delay in the topic appearing if you are writing your first topic in the forum, as I will have to approve it. This is intended to protect you from spam postings. But as soon as it is visible to all registered members, then a [Send a Message] link will be seen in the topic under your name.