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SAS Jobs Listing Introduction

The SAS Jobs Listing is intended for posting SAS-related jobs. This feature is normally paid-for when posting jobs, but free to view. Here are the basic rules for posting in this forum: This feature is on an English-language site. Foreign language posts are accepted, but only if the content is understandable as related to SAS […]

Forums, Features and Subscriptions

  Free blog, SAS Skills Discussion Forum and VIEWS UK forum for subscribers. SAS Programming Forum subscription: £5 (GBP) monthly for up to 3 months (SAS Programming Forum introduction). This includes access to the SAS course. SAS Jobs Listing feature subscription: £50 (GBP) for 2 months of posting SAS-related jobs by recruiters (SAS Jobs Listing introduction) after […]

About Holland Numerics: Blog and Forums

This site has 4 distinct parts: Holland Numerics Blog: A free blog for all site visitors, where news about SAS-related discoveries, books, apps and events can be found. Click here to register for free to allow you to comment on blog posts! Holland Numerics Forums (SAS Skills Discussion, SAS Programming and VIEWS UK): The SAS Skills […]

Join Us

Have you been sent to this page unexpectedly? This probably means that you tried to open a page on the site which requires you to be logged in with membership at a particular level. For example, the SAS Programming Forum and the SAS course require Programmer or Recruiter level, and other areas, such as downloading […]