My SAS courses in LMS now have downloadable certificates


My SAS courses are made up of sections containing SAS-related topics, with new topics posted over time. The LMS versions of these courses can be accessed using the menu: Forums, Features and Subscriptions > LMS Courses + Certificates (if you are logged in with a Programming membership) or Online SAS course – Home page (to view the topics when you are logged in).

Note that the courses with certificates below are not available to registered members with Free membership, so to upgrade to Programming membership for only GBP 5/month please click here. It is certainly possible to complete all of these courses in a single calendar month while you are a Programming member.

Please feel free to post these certificates on your favourite social media platforms to show that you have completed my SAS courses.

When you click the LMS Courses + Certificates link a new page will open showing the available courses.

If you have not yet started a course, then the page will include [Course Overview] and [START COURSE]. However, when a course has been completed the web page will look like this:

  • Clicking on [Course Overview] will display the topics in the course.
  • Clicking on [VISIT RESULTS] will open the Course Completed web page:
  • This page includes the topics in the course.
  • Clicking on [FIND MORE COURSES] will open the Courses Overview web page.
  • Clicking on [VIEW CERTIFICATE] will open your downloadable certificate in a PDF file like those below: