Vote for my SASware Ballot Idea: Browsing SAS data sets in Enterprise Guide without locking

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I’ve posted a new idea for the SASware Ballot about how to avoid locking SAS data sets when browsing them in Enterprise Guide (EG). Anyone who uses EG now will have discovered this at some point! However, I will need your help to get this idea into the real SASware Ballot for users to vote for it, which is why I need my idea to be voted up in the SASware Ballot Ideas Community at “Browsing SAS data sets in Enterprise Guide without locking“.

If you think this is a good idea, then please vote for it and tell your colleagues to vote for it too!
Just click on the blue voting button after logging into SAS Communities.

Many thanks in advance……….Phil

PS. The idea above is not the only SASware Ballot Idea I have submitted: