Want to see issue 56 (and beyond) of VIEWS News? I need 100+ to sign up!

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I have reported that the VIEWS web site had been closed down, and although the newsletter archive is still available on sasCommunity.org, that site is now read-only prior to being decommissioned. However, I have stored all 55 of the original VIEWS News PDF files on my blog site, which can be accessed via the VIEWS UK forum. This forum is available on request to all registered blog members, and those with access will be notified of any new content. The issues include the following features:

  • Ask the Expert
  • Did You Know?
  • Formats, Options & Functions
  • SAS News, Events and Reports

Some of the new content will include previously unpublished indexes I used to help me write the Formats, Options & Functions articles in the newsletters, which allowed me to see in a single view which features had already been described and when. I will also be including an authors list soon. All features that could help you find information that is difficult to find using standard searches. You also need to know that I intend to publish some new issues of VIEWS News too, but only if 100+ members request access to the VIEWS UK forum.

You might be thinking that, as I had emailed VIEWS members in the past, I could use that email list to include them automatically again. However, this new VIEWS environment has been built on an existing blog site, and, although theoretically I could register all the previous VIEWS members using their email addresses, I don’t know all of their real names and would, therefore, have to guess their new user names, so I don’t think forcing anyone to register on my blog site is at all appropriate. This is the reason I’m asking everyone interested to register themselves instead.

So, whether you have been a VIEWS member in the past, or not, here is how you can join the new VIEWS UK forum:

  1. If you are not already registered on my blog site, then join via the registration page.
  2. Once you have registered, then email views-uk@hollandnumerics.org.uk, or use the site’s Contact Us link, to say you would like to join the VIEWS UK forum.
  3. I will manually update your blog profile to give you the required configuration and reply to your registered email address as soon as you have access to the new forum. You will then see VIEWS UK in the forum list when you next log into the blog site.

Note that, as I write this post, a total of 69 members now have access to the forum. If you’ve not yet requested access, then only 31 more members are required to give me the impetus to publish more VIEWS News issues!

SAS can correct your spelling!

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The following SAS keywords are recognized even if you don’t spell them correctly:

DATA = dat, dta, daa, ddata, date*
RUN = ru, rn, rnu, urn, ruin, runt*
PROC = pro, prc, poc, porc, pric
QUIT = qut, qui, quti, qit, quite, quiet
SET = sett, sent*
FILE = fil, fill*
OUTPUT = outputsomething, outputnothing*
IF = fi*
THEN = the*
DO = doo*
PUT = putit, putting*
INPUT = imput
END = endit*

This behaviour can be controlled using OPTIONS AUTOCORRECT from SAS 9.3 onwards. To maintain this behaviour use OPTIONS AUTOCORRECT to show warnings in the log, but allow the program to continue, which is the default. OPTIONS NOAUTOCORRECT will show an error in the log at the first incorrect spelling, and then stop the program.

Can you add to my list?

(* Taken from the “Job Security” papers by Art Carpenter and Tony Payne.)