The apps “Platforms: How Do You Do This in SAS?” have recently been updated on Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Chrome Web Store.


“Platforms: How Do You Do This in SAS?” looks at SAS platform-dependencies on Windows, UNIX, Linux and z/OS. This paid-for app has had some of the answer text updated to include SAS 9.4 and Windows 10.

I’ve now updated my “Platforms” apps, which can be installed from Platforms: Do This in SAS? (Google Play), Platforms: How Do You Do This in SAS? (Amazon Appstore), or Platforms: How Do You Do This in SAS? (Chrome Web Store), depending on your preferred platform.

The latest versions of all my apps can be found here.

Please update ALL of my apps from Google Play!


I hadn’t noticed, but I had to update the Google Licensing part of my apps to comply with new rules for Android 5 (Lollipop), which is why ALL of my apps installed from Google Play are no longer working on Android 5+!

Please don’t panic, as I’ve uploaded new versions of the following apps to Google Play that should work now:

  • Data Steps: Do This in SAS?
  • SQL: Do This in SAS?
  • Graphs: Do This in SAS?
  • Platforms: Do This in SAS?
  • EG: Do This in SAS?
  • Macros: Do This in SAS?
  • Efficiency: Do This in SAS?
  • Studio: Do This in SAS?

I’m glad I installed CyanogenMod 12 on my old HP TouchPad recently, so I can now be certain the Android 5 users can use my apps!