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Statisticians: Beware of the Datasaurus!!

Alberto Cairo created the Datasaurus Dozen to demonstrate the necessity to view data beyond its statistics. He created a scatterplot of a dinosaur, and then generated 12 very different scatterplots with almost identical statistics. N: 142 Mean: X=54.27, Y=47.83 Standard deviation: X=16.77, Y=26.94 Correlation x-y: -0.06 The 12 data sets with almost identical statistics to […]

Are you going to PharmaSUG 2019 in Philadelphia? My paper is listed on the “Sneak Preview” page!

Are you going to PharmaSUG 2019 in Philadelphia? My paper, “The Art of Defensive Programming: Coping with Unseen Data”, is listed on the “Sneak Preview” page! This paper forms part of my Defensive SAS Programming course. The conference runs from 16-19 June 2019, but I’m hoping to arrange my flights across the Atlantic so my […]

SAS training sessions booking calendar

Available SAS-related topics for 1 hour Google Hangouts sessions: Base SAS syntax Base SAS functions Base SAS formats and informats Base SAS procedures Data step merging PROC SQL syntax PROC SQL merging PROC SQL updating Macro introduction Macro syntax Macro variables ODS Graphics introduction ODS Graphics procedures Enterprise Guide introduction SAS/Studio introduction Defensive SAS Programming […]

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