Do you have children who would benefit from mathematics, spelling or logic practice? I have an offer for Christmas, New Year and Spring 2022 and it is FREE!!

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I know everyone is offering Black Friday discounts, but I live in the UK and traditionally we had Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day) sales. However, again 2021 has not been a normal year, and it is ending with worries for everyone, so yet again I’m offering free access to my Educational Games membership, but this time from now until 31Mar2022 for all applicants.

It is not really free, of course, as I’d like feedback about any of the 7 different educational web app games included in the package, but I’ll be happy to extend the free period by an extra month each time for anyone that sends me constructive comments about the games. I would like to develop these games further, so your comments will help to set the direction for my updates. See my blog post “A little more to help the children learn – no SAS involved!” for more details.

Note that Programming and Recruiter memberships are not compatible with the Educational Games membership, so if you have these membership levels, then I would strongly recommend that you create a new blog profile for this offer, and I will make sure that no marketing emails are sent to the new profiles from the blog site too.

Applications for free access until 31Mar2022 should be emailed to from your blog profile email address.

Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy, Happy 2022 (in advance)!………..Phil