New Theme for my Blog Pages is an Old Theme!

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Over the last few months I had been using Rebalance from Jetpack as the theme for my blog site, but more and more of its features seemed to conflict with my blog content:

  • Sections of code using uniform fonts in pre-formatted paragraphs were coloured white, so I’d been forced to recolour them black using CSS.
  • The links in the Forum Tag List were orange, as were the links in the list of selected forum topics. However, hovering over these links changed these and other links to white on white, or orange on orange, due to a conflict with bbPress, my forum plug-in.
  • Finally, the top menu in Rebalance was shown as a “hamburger” icon on smaller screens, but not on the desktop, so I’d been forced to style this menu using CSS to match the smaller screen version.

I searched the catalogue of WordPress themes to find one that worked on the desktop and smaller screens and could only find the theme I am now using, Twenty Fifteen from WordPress. It also doesn’t require any restyling!

So why did I call it an old theme?

I used this theme when I first created this blog site in 2016. It has just taken me 5 years to realise how good it is!!