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What sort of a SAS user are you?

In order to target my Blog and Forum entries appropriately for the members here, like all data analysts, I need to collect together some data to analyse. This is why I’ve created the poll below, so I hope you will help me by voting. Note that you will only be able to vote for one […]

VIEWS News 58 (2019Q4) has been published!

VIEWS News issue 58 has been published today. Articles in this issue are by Jonathan Boase (SAS performance), Laura illingworth (SUGUKI report), and myself (SAS macros). I’ve also added more interesting/useful formats, options and functions, and future SAS-related events. If you would like to contribute an article on any SAS topic, or a SAS-related event […]

VIEWS News 57 (2019Q3) has been published!

VIEWS News issue 57 has been published today. To be able to read this and all previous issues you will need to follow these steps: If you have not already registered on this blog site, go to blog.hollandnumerics.org.uk and register for free membership. Once successfully registered, reply to the registration confirmation email, and ask me […]

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