VIEWS UK forum now has VIEWS News indexes for SAS Formats & Informats, Functions and Options

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Please note that all of the links relating to VIEWS News and the VIEWS UK forum require you to have already logged onto the blog site, and have also requested free access to the VIEWS UK forum!

VIEWS UK forum has VIEWS News indexes for SAS Formats (& informats), Functions, and now Options (new!) too. These indexes cover every issue of VIEWS News, and links to these indexes can also be found on the individual VIEWS News issue pages.

There is also a Forum Tag Cloud for logged on users covering all of your registered forums. However, please note that the VIEWS UK forum is currently missing issues 47-55, which will have been added in time for the February issue of VIEWS News.

Don’t forget to log on and request access to the VIEWS UK forum first, and then click these links!!

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