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I noticed over the last few days that the view counts have dropped away dramatically. Also a potential new blog member tried to click on a blog link and received a “Page not found” error message.

With this in mind I thought I’d create a quick poll to see who can still access my blog posts, which will, hopefully, help me to work out why “visitors” are not visiting.

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Are you accessing this blog via:

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Thank you in advance if you can access this blog post!…………Phil

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Philip Holland

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One thought on “Poll: How are you accessing this blog post?”

  1. I’d had to re-install a plugin on Friday, after a bug in an update crashed my site. That re-install reset a vital switch, which prevented visitors from accessing blog posts! 😨
    I think I’ve resolved all of the problems resulting from that change.

    Apologies and thanks are due to everyone!……….Phil

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