#Beer List – Find a Beer


Beer tasting notes (free choice!):

You can select exactly what you would like to see! In the list there are 50+ countries, 100+ types of beer and 750+ breweries to choose from, and 2,000+ beers that have been tasted so far (and I’m looking for more all the time!).

1 = I won’t drink it again!! [Undrinkable beer!!]
2 = I’ll drink it again, but only if I don’t have to pay for it! [You pay and I will drink it!]
3 = I’ll drink it again (my default rating!). [Drinkable beer]
4 = I’ll drink it again in preference to other beers. [Preferred beer]
5 = I’ll drink it again in preference to all other beers. [The best beer ever!!]