Making Graphs Easier to Validate – The Benefits of ODS Graphics


  • SAS Global Forum, Orlando, FL, USA – 5th April 2017


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The days of comparing paper copies of graphs on light boxes are long gone, but the problems associated with validating graphical reports still remain. Many recent graphs created using SAS/GRAPH include annotations, which complicate an already complex problem. With the restriction in ODS Graphics that only a single input data set should be used, and ‘annotation’ can be more easily added by overlaying an additional graph layer, it is now more practical to use that single input data set for validation, which removes all of the scaling, platform and font issues that got in the way before. This paper will guide you through the techniques to simplify validation while you are creating your perfect graph.

  • SAS Global Forum, Orlando, FL, USA – 5th April 2017

There is also a video of my presentation on the SAS web site, so you can watch it again at your leisure.

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