Microsoft Exchange 365 is dead! Long live Google Mail! …but maybe not!

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I’ve finally realised that my company’s email server on Microsoft Exchange 365 is too unreliable to use for emails from my SAS blog server, so I have configured the email client to send emails through Google Mail instead. This means that:

  1. Emails will no longer be sent from
  2. Emails will now be sent from
  3. Hopefully emails will be sent more reliably

If you have existing email filters that accept emails from, please can you add to your accepted email addresses.

In case you are wondering why I phrased the title of this post as I did, it is based on the announcement from Buckingham Palace when a monarch dies and the succession of a new monarch to the throne of the United Kingdom. It is a statement of continuity!

Stop Press

Various attempts to send out emails to members have made me realise that the reliability of the Microsoft Exchange 365 servers is better than the traffic restrictions of the Google Mail servers. As a consequence I’ve decided to revert back to sending emails from

However, I may make use of the email server on my server in the future, so watch this space!